Tips for high-heeled shoes maintenance

Tips for high-heeled shoes maintenance

Release time:2020-07-18 source:Hunan Jiantai Shoes Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.

1. Some people like to pad insoles when they wear shoes, but it is better not to pad insoles when they just buy high-heeled shoes. The appearance of insoles is not completely cut according to the shoes, so the adaptability of heel shoes is not very good, which will lead to deformation of shoes.
2. Hand cream. It's cheap and affordable. The key is to take it with you every day. It's like on a snowy road in winter. When you arrive at the office in the morning, you may find that your shoes are dirty. It's always bad to wear such shoes to meet customers. Then you can take two minutes to maintain your high-heeled shoes in the office and use a little hand cream to make your shoes look new
3. Glasses cloth. Glasses cloth for parents wearing glasses should be everywhere. Glasses cloth is generally delicate and soft. It is a good choice to polish shoes without scratching the surface of leather.
4. If this pair of shoes is not worn for the time being during the season change, several tasks need to be done. First, clean the shoes, apply shoe polish, put them in the shade to dry for a period of time, and then put them away. Use newspapers and other materials as the filler of shoes to prevent the shoes from deformation.
5. The heel of the shoe must be replaced before it is completely smoothed.
6. Some shoes have a zipper. If the zipper is not smooth enough, you can apply some wax properly.
7. When you clean up high-heeled shoes in each season, you must oil the shoes first, so as to prevent the shoes from being stored for a long time and peeling. Moreover, the shoes must not be placed in wet places, which are easy to grow fur.

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