Classification of high heels/n

Classification of high heels/n

Release time:2020-07-18 source:Hunan Jiantai Shoes Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.

1. According to the height of heel: low heel, middle heel, high heel and super high heel.
2. According to the shape of heel: thick heel, thin heel, slope heel, no heel, wine cup heel, irregular heel, horseshoe heel, sponge cake heel, creative heel, etc.
3. According to the material of heel: Wood heel, metal heel, plastic heel, rubber heel, etc.
4. According to the style of shoes: fish mouth, pointed head, round head, square head and so on.
5. According to the material of vamp: sheepskin, cowhide, pigskin, suede, snakeskin, PV, cloth and so on.

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